Teaching Future Filmmakers on La Brea


Mole Stage At Mole-Richardson Co., education and the technical craft of set lighting are paramount to the future of our industry. As a manufacturer and a rental company, there is an obligation to instruct film students on the fundamentals of set protocol, primarily within the lighting department. The goal is to build a foundation for those who desire to become professional set. technicians.

To meet this need, Larry Mole Parker started the Mole Institute. Designed as a comprehensive lighting workshop, numerous topics are covered from working effectively with lighting equipment to basic power distribution.

Following are some of the school programs that have taken advantage of our classes: The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, Brooks Institute of Photography, American Film Institute, Columbia University, Los Angeles Film School, Orange County High School of the Arts, Duke University/Chapman University Joint Summer High School Filmmaking program, San Diego State University, and American Intercontinental University.

One of the many benefits of the Mole Institute sponsoring classes is our relationship with the American Society of Cinematographers. Over the years Larry has brought in guest instructors such as: Laszlo Kovacs,ASC; Stephen Burum,ASC; Amy Vincent,ASC; Levie Isaacks,ASC; and Gaffers Larry Gilhooly, Brad Sargent and Jim Plannette.

If you would like to attend or schedule a class, please have your instructor contact the Mole-Richardson Stage Manager at: molestage@mole.com


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