Mole-Richardson Co. Introduces Quantum Dot LED Fresnels at NAB 2013



Entertainment Industry Leader Creates Set-Lighting Breakthrough 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hollywood, Calif., (April 8, 2013) – If there is one product synonymous with Mole-Richardson Co., it’s the iconic Motion Picture Fresnel. Built in Hollywood California since 1936, the studio Fresnel remains the back-bone of professional lighting for the film, television and broadcast industries. Relatively unchanged since its origin, the studio Fresnel rarely saw dramatic improvements…until now.

Introducing the MoleLEDFresnels. A design familiar to generations of lighting professionals is now loaded with state of the art electronics and the latest LED chip on-board technology. These revolutionary fixtures use a proprietary Quantum Dot LED developed and produced by Mole to replicate film and television 3200K Tungsten and 5600K Daylight exactly.

There are three distinct sizes and wattages of MoleLED™ Fresnels arriving simultaneously. The 100W TweenieLED has a 4.5 in (113mm) lens, the 150W BabyLED has a 6 in (152mm) lens and the 200W Junior LED has an 8 in (203mm) lens. These fixtures are single color Tungsten and Daylight and use a borosilicate glass Fresnel lens to perform identically to an existing incandescent or HMI Fresnel fixture.

Realizing a need for our industry to further reduce, reuse and recycle, Mole is also offering simple retro-fit kits to convert existing legacy Tweenie, Baby and 8” Junior Solarpots to new Tungsten or Daylight MoleLED™ Fresnels. By simply removing and replacing the original trough with the new self-contained LED trough will keep thousands of Mole-Richardson fixtures working for generations to come.

“In an industry inundated with mass produced, eco-friendly products, the MoleLED™ Fresnels are truly a hybrid of hand crafted quality and the most advanced solid state lighting technology available,” said Larry Mole Parker, Executive Vice President. From the ground up, the MoleLED™ Fresnels are designed, engineered and built in the USA for professionals everywhere.

Fixture Engineering

Touting 3200°K and 5600°K true film-friendly color, MoleLED™ Fresnel fixtures can easily replace existing Tungsten Halogen fixtures. In fact, as an example, the 100W TweenieLED fixture is within 10% of the output and performance of a standard 650W Tweenie Solarspot, but utilizes about 80% less power.

Built rugged, and based on over 70 years of successful Fresnel design, the MoleLED™ fixture is ideally suited for all set-lighting needs. Besides the obvious efficiency advantage, the MoleLED™ Fresnels contain a built-in universal power supply, built-in local dimming as well as on-board DMX dimming. Now, there is no need for a separate external dimming system, nor is there a worry about specific voltage requirements from location to location. In addition, all three fixtures share accessory sizes with the legacy Solarspots, so barn-doors, gel frames and speed rings remain compatible.

LED Technology

The MoleLED™ Fresnels are powered by a new, proprietary Mole-Richardson Co. Quantum Dot LED. Each Fresnel contains (1) Quantum Dot (QD) chip on board LED module. The benefit of QD LED technology is the ability to specifically tune the visible wavelength at the nano scale which, in this case, allows for precise adjustment of the red spectrum without impacting the overall light output of the LED.

Like the remote phosphor technology developed for the MoleLED™ 12-Pack, the proprietary QD LED in the Fresnels provide Tungsten and Daylight white light that parallels the spectral sensitivity curves needed for image capture, and the all-important visible spectrum, or what the eye sees. This is one of the many benefits single color LED’s have over LED color mixing. This Patent Pending LED module represents the first time QD LED’s are being used in the film, television and broadcast industries.

Test Success

Multiple camera tests were shot with the MoleLED™ Fresnels in order to verify the color viewed on set would translate to the color viewed on screen. This attention to detail and strict testing proved the MoleLED™ will mix seamlessly with any existing Tungsten Halogen light source, natural daylight, or any daylight balanced light source.

About Mole-Richardson Co.

Mole-Richardson Co. is the industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of lighting and power distribution equipment for the film, television and broadcast industries. Founded in 1927, the company remains dedicated to interpreting technology and designing solutions for cinematographers and lighting professionals worldwide.

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