Cinequipt Hails Mole-Richardson LED Fresnels Stars of NAB

Image“Stars of the show were the new LED fresnel series from Mole-Richardson.  Tweenie, Baby, or 8″ Junior sizes were shown in Daylight & Tungsten versions.  The Tweenie only draws 100 watts, the Baby only 150 watts and the Junior only 200 watts.  The Tweenie & Baby versions have light outputs equal to their traditional tungsten versions.  The 8″ Junior performs more like a 1500w tungsten.  The LED’s are remote phosphor, so the color temperature is very accurate and the CRI is above 95 for pure colors.  Pricing is lower than any other LED fresnel available – Tweenie is $1595 list & the Baby is $1895 list.  Retrofit kits are available to convert your old fixtures too.  We’ve got some of the Daylight versions ordered and expect to see them later this month.” – Cinequipt 



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